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Scheidel, Sullivan & Lanni act as our partners. They took the time to learn our business, and they send us pertinent industry information on a regular basis. I never hesitate to call for their guidance before making a decision.

Kathy McSherry

Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Ridgewood Energy

No one can do this alone. Scheidel, Sullivan & Lanni’s wealth of tax knowledge allows us to focus on the operation of our franchises. They are professional, caring and supportive – true treasures to our business.

Karen Johnson

Rackson Corporation Franchisee

Scheidel, Sullivan & Lanni has always helped me stay on top of my game. If I need anything, they get right on it. Tim and his team are awesome and I would recommend them highly.

Sarah Prant Ercolano

Founder & Owner, Horsemen’s Outlet

David has provided me with excellent service in preparing my families taxes. David’s firm provides a personalized service and he takes the time to work with us and makes sure all our questions / concerns are answered. I will continue to recommend David and his firm to friends, colleagues and business owners.

Mike Castañeda

Lam Cloud Management , Director of Technology

I hired David to be my accountant during the height of the recession. At our first meeting he took the time to understand my business and the challenges I was facing. He helped put things in perspective and “talked me off the ledge” so I could focus on growing my business. He streamlined my accounting processes, prepares my taxes and provides sound investment advice. He has become a trusted business advisor.

Samantha Bowerman, CMP

President, Strategic Meetings Group